“Song On Canvas” Premiering at the 2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!

Come join us at our world premiere at the 2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, one of the largest festivals of its kind since 1983!

Link to our festival page: Song On Canvas

Song On Canvas Trailer:

I’m really proud of this project for many reasons. I wrote it in 2014 with guidance from Keo Woolford, the director of The Haumana, who also offered to direct this project. That meant a lot to me since I respect him as a filmmaker and a friend. When I was discussing this project with him, he told me “Now its up to you to make this happen.” I took that advice to heart, finished the script and pursued onward. With the help of a friend of mine Phong Le (The Lees of Los Angeles) who became a producer also brought onboard Chris Clancy as AD and producer. From there the team just grew with an awesome DP by the name of Matthew Edwards and AC Hank Vadim. We held auditions early 2015 and found our wonderful cast including Sharon Omi (Eat With Me), Michael Evans Lopez, Geraldine Uy, and Mark Kosakura. We shot in the middle of that year and wrapped up post-production early 2016 and began festival submissions! Please visit our facebook page at for updates on future screening!

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